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Hannes Pröstler

Original text - English

Manuel Calvo Kamper was my guitar teacher from 2010 to 2014, which I would consider one of the most important times in my musical life. Back then, at the age of 16, I made the choice to follow music professionally which Manuel seriously helped me with.
Thanks to Manuel's lessons and constant support I was able to attend Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz where I received my Bachelor of Arts in "Instrumental (Gesangs) P?dagogik - Jazz Gitarre" (2017).
His vast knowledge allowed me to enter University with a theoretical knowledge as well as ear training more advanced than what the University was offering me during the first semesters. Also his various styles of music (especially Progressive Rock / Metal), songwriting, as well as his skills on electric and acoustic guitar have had an immense impact on my musical career.
Not only did he help me improve as a guitarist, but he also helped me become a better all-round musician.
He has always been a great inspiration and remains a wonderful teacher and friend.


Can Onur Trimmel

Original text - German

Since 2012 Manuel Calvo Kamper is my guitar teacher. After a long search I finally arrived to Manuel.
Already during the first lesson I felt very good and convinced by his musical knowledge and guitar skills. Thanks to Manuel I was able to make a huge progress on the instrument, expand considerably my theoretical knowledge, as well as discover and play many styles.
Because of his patient and friendly way of being, the lessons with him become extremely comfortable.
During all these years I came to realize that Manuel is definetely one of the best guitar teachers in Vienna and he has become a good friend as well.


Juan Carlos Andrade

Original text - Spanish

Manuel Calvo Kamper was the first guitar teacher I've ever had.
After helping me to achieve my goal of learning to interpret the songs I truly liked, I realized that music was the road I wanted to take.
He also helped me with the admission tests for the University and even through all my years of studies, he kept helping me to overcome all obstacles, allowing me to make my life project a reality.
The lessons with Manuel are entertaining and interesting, I always found concrete and constructive answers to my questions. I would also like to highlight that he explains all subjects deeply but without making them complicated to understand.
Manuel is currently an essential element of my work, because through the years I became a producer and Manuel has helped me as a composer, arranger and session musician.


Karl Gmeiner

Original text - English

Manuel is a well-skilled guitar player and an excellent teacher. He patiently taught our daughter from 2014 to 2017 and passed on his skills and enthusiasm to her. She learned very fast also more complex tunes on the guitar and it was a joy to see her development during this time. During all these years in which he taught our daughter, Manuel was always friendly and flexible.
One of her drives to start learning guitar was the song Concrete Garden by Marilies Jagsch, a song with a complex guitar riff. Manuel taught this song within very few lessons to our daughter in one of the first lessons already.
I can definitely recommend Manuel as a guitar teacher. He is also very pleasant person to interact with in general.

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Severin Urbanek

Original text - German

I take lessons with Manuel since 2016.
He's an experienced guitarist as well as teacher, one enjoys and learns a lot at his lessons.
I go gladly to his lessons, because Manuel focuses on teaching me the type of music that I like, without leaving behind important elements for the interpretation, like that I also learn about the right use of the technique.
Our lessons are mostly practical, so we play a lot during them.


Martin Berger

Original text - German

I take E-Guitar lessons with Manuel since 2016. After not playing for a couple years, I now use his lessons on one side to refine my technique, and on the other one to increase my repertory.
Manuel is always very patient, and concerns about the correct execution. He also gives helpful tipps in order to master the exercises.
I'm very satisfied with the way how he transmits his knowledge and would gladly recommend him.